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Regular Season 2019-20
2019-20 x Regular Season

Recent High School News

Puck-Off 2020 Postponed

09/14/2020, 10:15am CDT
By Dan Frei

Puck-Off 2020 has been postponed until Wednesday, Septmeber 30th.  At this time, we are still waiting on components for our electrical system, so we have no power in the main arena area.  Parts should be here next week.

2020-21 Registration is now open!!

08/28/2020, 2:30pm CDT
By Dan Frei

Online registration for the upcoming season in now open.  Rates will be increasing this season, but you can register prior to September 15th and still pay 2019-20 fees!

We will still be holding our new player registration and equipment handout on Wednesday, October 14th!

Puck Off 2020

08/28/2020, 2:30pm CDT
By Dan Frei

Puck Off 2020 will be held on Wednesday, September 16th starting at 6:00.  Please come to the arena and help get ready for the upcoming season!!!


Highlights from Team Meeting 11/21/19

*Dibs are posted (few late season Varsity have yet to be added) - sign up for JV or V. (six sessions per family for the season).  Those not working a dibs during a game will need to clean after the varsity game (provided we are the last game of the day).  If everyone does not help with the cleaning then cleaning duties will become a Dibs item.

*Future Stars 11/25 - High School project with the termites/mites.  All player should (must) attend unless valid excuse.  Incentive for attending.  Still need 2 volunteers to help.

*For away games - beverage cooler sign up.  (I may add a dibs session for this).  Note: this may change slightly as we find out who will be traveling to games now that we have JV/V teams.

*FYI - at away games that are at significant distance.  A parent at the games will order pizza to be delivered to the bus so players can get home a little sooner.  Money will be collected at the respective game.

*Dickinson Holiday Tournament - looking to see if there is interest in reserving a block of rooms for the parents.  Note - this will probably not be at the same hotel as team.