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    How to cut and tape a Hockey Stick

    Here is a quick video on how to cut and tape a Hockey Stick.

    Proper Hockey Skate Care

    A quick video explaining the proper care of your skates.

    Parent Meetings

    11/13/2019, 7:00pm CST
    By Dan Frei

    The following teams will be having parent meetings tomorrow evening.  Bantams, PeeWees and Squirts.  Meetings will take place 15 minutes prior to practice time in the concessions area.


    See you all tomorrow.


    11/11/2019, 7:00pm CST
    By Dan Frei

    Pictures will be taken on the following days:

    Termite - Monday 11/18 - Starting at 5:15

    Mite - Monday 11/18 - Starting at 5:45

    Squirts - Tuesday 11/19 - On ice during practice

    PeeWee - Tuesday 11/19 - On ice during practice

    Bantam - Tuesday 11/19 - On ice during practice

    High School - Monday 11/18 - On ice during practice.


    Order forms will be available at the arena during practice this week.  Termites and mites, pick up forms on Wednesday or Saturday.

    Practice Locker Room Assignments

    11/11/2019, 6:30pm CST
    By Dan Frei

    As everyone has probably noticed, we are facing a great problem at the arena during practices... a lot of hockey players!!!  Because of this, we need to be diligent in the use of locker room space for practices.  

    Termites and mites can use locker rooms 1, 2 and 5 for Monday and Wednesday practices and on Saturdays when there are no games before noon.  On Saturdays with games, please leave locker room 5 open for our visiting teams.  

    Male squirts will use locker room 5 for practice on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and female squirts can use locker room 2 or the newly opened locker room 6.  This locker room is upstairs, directly above the youth coaches room.  If there is practice prior to a High School game, male squirts should use locker room 1.

    Players at the Peewee, Bantam and High School levels have assigned locker rooms and are able to keep their equipment at the arena.  They may be asked to remove equipment on weekends where there are multiple game going on.  The ability to keep equipment in the locker room is a privilege that most hockey communities do not offer and should be treated as such.  This can be revoked at any time.


    Robby Glantz