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    How to cut and tape a Hockey Stick

    Here is a quick video on how to cut and tape a Hockey Stick.

    Proper Hockey Skate Care

    A quick video explaining the proper care of your skates.

    Squirt Scrimmages

    02/24/2020, 9:30pm CST
    By Dan Frei

    The squirts will be ending their season with a series of scrimmages on March 3, 5, 10 and 12.  Coaches will divide the squirts into 2 even teams for the series.  We will have several of our newer officials on the ice getting some very important training at the same time.  This should be a great way to end our squirt season as a group!!

    Mite equipment and jersey turn in.

    02/24/2020, 6:00pm CST
    By Dan Frei

    This coming Saturday, February 29th, will be the last day of termite and mite hockey.  We will be collecting equipment next Monday, March 2nd, at normal practice time.  IF your child plans on playing next season, please use duct tape or hockey tape and label your players equipment bag around the handles.   We will store the equipment in the bags until next year.  This way, your child will get the same equipment back again.  In the fall, we will have your player try on gear and make sure everything fits. 


    If your child participated in the mite jamborees, please be sure their game jersey is laundered.  We will also collect those on Monday during normal practice times. 


    Thanks everyone for a great season!!!!

    Yahoo email issues.

    12/05/2019, 11:30am CST
    By Dan Frei

    Just an FYI, my last group of emails was rejected by Yahoo. I am guessing someone marked me as spam. Be sure to go to the website and to your team pages frequently for updates .


    The schedule for the squirt jamborees in Watford City are on the squirt pages. The gold team will be the B1 team and the green team will be the B team.


    Dickinson vs Bantams