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How to cut and tape a Hockey Stick

Here is a quick video on how to cut and tape a Hockey Stick.

Proper Hockey Skate Care

A quick video explaining the proper care of your skates.

Open skate cancelled.

03/17/2020, 12:00pm CDT
By Dan Frei

Open skate for this Saturday has been cancelled.  Thanks all for coming out to Open Skate this past season.

North Stars Apparel Fundraiser issues

03/05/2020, 9:15pm CST
By Jordan Schantz

On Tuesday we kicked off the T-Shirt fundraiser.  So far the sales have netted HWS just over $550, but we ran into a little snag.  Yesterday the company that is making the shirts informed us that the "large N" is a registered trademark and they are not a licensed vendor of MN North Star merchandise and cannot print anything related to the MN North Stars team.  In order to proceed with the fundraiser we had to submit our older H-B North Stars logo and that was approved today. Any merchandise that was ordered will have our older logo on it due to these legal reasons.  If you are fine your apparel having the classic logo you don't have to do anything.  If you would like to cancel your order contact Kristia at: and she will see what she can do for you

Ice Plant Replacement Project

02/28/2020, 10:15am CST
By Jordan Schantz

The Hazen Winter Sports Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we have formally approved a project to replace our aging ice plant/refrigeration system.  The budget for the project is $950,000, and will include the new system and its installation, as well as a separate new building of approximately 30'x40' to house it.  The new system will be expandable to accommodate a 2nd studio/smaller practice rink in the future if HWS ever decides to pursue such a project.  HWS has enough savings and investments in our portfolio to cover about 2/3 of this project ourselves, but we are targeting $250,000 in a fundraising campaign to cover the rest.  This fundraising campaign is being spearheaded by Mandy Senske and our Events/Fundraising Committee, and is well underway.  HWS has a GoFundMe page set up for your convenience, but to save the GoFundMe service charge you can also mail your donation directly to HWS.




By Mail:

Ice Plant Replacement Project

Hazen Winter Sports

PO Box 2005

Hazen, ND 58545


For more information on the project or the fundraising effort please contact Mandy or any Board Member.  Thank you for all the support thus far!



Pee Wee At State Tournament