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    How to cut and tape a Hockey Stick

    Here is a quick video on how to cut and tape a Hockey Stick.

    Message from Matt Stockert, NDAHA President

    11/19/2020, 12:15pm CST
    By Dan Frei

    Good morning Affiliate Presidents & Program Directors
    Apologize for the lengthy email here, but it's necessary!  Also, please feel free to distribute to your members so they are in the know as well.  
    Obviously some very good news last evening was shared with all of us in the state of ND regarding multiple things.  Even with this good news we still have some work to do!  
    NDAHA will continue our good standing & compliance with the State of ND and will continue to comply with both the Governor's old & newly amended Executive Order.  
    In doing so, NDAHA's initial November 15th, 2020 suspension of all activities will remain in effect through 11:59pm on Sunday November 29, 2020.  Activity is defined as practices, games & tournaments our affiliates and it's teams should not be doing as such.
    Effective Monday November 30th, 2020 the only part of the November 15th suspension that will remain in effect from NDAHA to you all will be "no games or tournaments" being played.  Games & tournaments can again resume on Monday December 14th, 2020.
    Once November 30th, 2020 rolls around, and our players start heading towards the arena again, there are requirements that we will all need to follow.  Taken Directly from the media link on website..... Additional precautions that coaches and athletic associations said they will be taking at practices to help slow the spread d and do their part to save vulnerable North Dakotans include no travel for association activities outside of their home territory, no locker room use, coaches masked at all times, and no spectators, with facilities restricted to players, coaches and staff only.
    NDAHA supports these restrictions which means in order for you as affiliates to get back on the ice, you must follow them as well.  
    If any further restrictions arise once the complete amended executive order gets posted, I will update you all.  Also of note, there is a very real possibility that the Executive Order gets extended.  Hopefully this is not the case, but nonetheless it could happen.
    In regards to missing league games from an NDAHA standpoint, here is what NDAHA has started movement on as of this morning.  
    • NDAHA League Director Dallas Kuntz will conveign Boys League Governance this evening to figure out the impact this pause will leave from a missing league game viewpoint and how NDAHA is going to handle that so we can let you all know if anything needs to be done from a rescheduling perspective.  
    • NDAHA Girls League Director Keith Olson seems to have a pretty good handle on how to proceed on the December 14th restart with the girls side.  If he doesn't, he too will conveign Girls League Governance to get that handled as well. 
    • Junior Gold Director Chad Arendt, will be getting in touch with the Jr Gold reps to find out what needs to happen there as well.  
    NDAHA will most certainly keep you up to date with the most current information we have.   
    If you have any further questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact your District Directors or any NDAHA Board Member!  Stay positive & let's use this small break as an opportunity to continue to develop our hockey players even more so than we presently do.
    Last, I feel it's important to share the message NDAHA received from it's neighboring state in MN this morning.  As you are probably aware, MN has taken a pause as well.  The message is below.
    ~start of message~

    To MN Hockey Neighboring State USAH Organizations:


    As you are likely aware last night the governor of the state of Minnesota issued an executive order in Minnesota that effectively pauses all youth sports in Minnesota. As the governing body of Hockey in Minnesota, MN Hockey will follow the governor's directive. Effective 11:59 P.M. on Friday November 20, 2020 MN Hockey and its associations as well as teams are on pause.


    This means: 

    All Minnesota Hockey Association Rostered teams are not allowed to play during the designated pause time period. This includes play outside of Minnesota in bordering states. Play is defined as practice, scrimmages, games and tournaments. 


    It is my opinion that any MN Hockey Team that plays during this time period does so as an unsanctioned team and  not representative of MN Hockey nor USAH. Playing a team from MN Hockey during this pause time period is playing a non-sanctioned team as defined by USAH. 


    I am hopeful that you will forward this information to those necessary to ensure no violation of USAH rules occurs by a member affiliate of your organization.

    HWS Activities Suspended

    11/14/2020, 10:00am CST
    By Dan Frei

    Due to Governor Burgum's proclamation last night, all hockey Hazen Winter Sports activities are suspended beginning Monday through December 14th.  More details to come.

    Ice Plant Replacement Project

    02/28/2020, 10:15am CST
    By Jordan Schantz

    The Hazen Winter Sports Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we have formally approved a project to replace our aging ice plant/refrigeration system.  The budget for the project is $950,000, and will include the new system and its installation, as well as a separate new building of approximately 30'x40' to house it.  The new system will be expandable to accommodate a 2nd studio/smaller practice rink in the future if HWS ever decides to pursue such a project.  HWS has enough savings and investments in our portfolio to cover about 2/3 of this project ourselves, but we are targeting $250,000 in a fundraising campaign to cover the rest.  This fundraising campaign is being spearheaded by Mandy Senske and our Events/Fundraising Committee, and is well underway.  HWS has a GoFundMe page set up for your convenience, but to save the GoFundMe service charge you can also mail your donation directly to HWS.




    By Mail:

    Ice Plant Replacement Project

    Hazen Winter Sports

    PO Box 2005

    Hazen, ND 58545


    For more information on the project or the fundraising effort please contact Mandy or any Board Member.  Thank you for all the support thus far!



    Burgum Executive Order Expires